Monday, February 3, 2014

14 Things You Should Know About Catholicism

14 Things You Should Know About Catholicism
  1. The Church isn't rich and selling off her "riches" isn't going to help much
  2. Catholic Mass is not boring. If the mass is what the Catholic Church says it is, then it is the most exciting thing to happen in thousands of years. 
  3. The Church is not anti-woman. In fact, the Church is the #1 defender of a women's most basic rights.
  4. Celibacy didn't cause the abuse scandal. If that were so, then we would see higher rates of abuse in Catholic clergy, but we don't
  5. The Church loves the Bible. Heck, the Catholic Church gave the world the Bible. So, why would she not revere the written Word of God?
  6. Catholics are not only called to think for themselves, if they don't they are not truly taking on the faith. You can't believe merely because someone else decided it already, you have to choose belief personally.
  7. Catholics don't worship Mary or the Saints. But, we do ask them to pray for us, because the Bible says they are interceding for us before God.
  8. Purgatory and indulgences are real and yes they are still a part of Catholic teaching.
  9. The Church teaches that everyone is called to love and respect those who have a same-sex attraction. There is no homophobia taught by the Catholic Church. (see CCC 2358)
  10. The Church believes that everyone who goes to Heaven is saved by Jesus Christ. No grace comes from any other source.
  11. The Catholic Church is not anti-sex. Why would Catholic have big families if this were the case? Sex is a wonderful and beautiful thing. Just like any good thing it can be abused.
  12. The Church is growing. In fact, in many parts of the world the population is absolutely exploding
  13. The Saints' lives aren't boring or without sin. In fact, their lives are a lot like our own - but lived with heroic virtue. 
  14. The Pope doesn't have the power to change basic doctrines of the Church, even if he wanted to, and he doesn't want to.
There are many others. What else do you think the world needs to know?

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jose said...

This is a great post and I look forward to exploring the links. I think you are hitting on a lot of the issues that cause people to be against the church. I think it is also helpful to acknowledge that in each case there are plenty of Catholics who just don't get it. For example, the reason folks think that the church does not revere the bible, is that there are an awful lot of catholics (including priests and religious) who are ignorant of scripture and need to change their understanding. If your friend the evangelical knows that his catholic aunt has got it wrong, he will think the church has it wrong.

But the times - they are a changing! With good folk like Marcel leading the way -proclaiming all of this very good news.