Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pope Is The Pope

I have had discussions with some who say one of these two things:
  1. I liked Benedict XVI, but don't like Francis.
  2. I like Francis but never liked Benedict XVI.
Funny thing is, Francis hasn't taught, preached, or discussed a single issue, doctrine, or Catholic teaching that Benedict XVI didn't. There is a clear continuity from one Pope to the next.

Is there a difference in style and approach to the office somewhat? Yes. But, don't get caught up too much in this. Benedict XVI was a very humble, intelligent, holy, and good man. So is Francis, but in his own unique way. Each has brought different talents to the office.

We shouldn't expect them to have similar styles or to emphasize the same things. Rather, we should remember that the Pope is the Pope. Peter is Peter. The office is always given to a man who is not worthy of it (look at St. Peter for proof of that fact).

Don't look at the differences in style as a contradiction, but as a way of our two Popes complimenting each other.

Let us pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and for Benedict XVI as well! Thank God for two wonderful men who have each brought what they thought was best to the office - themselves. 

In the end, that is all they have to offer us!

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