Monday, April 15, 2013

Never. Ever. Doubt. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

There is a part of each of us that questions ourselves. It questions whether we are worthy of love, especially true unconditional love. Raising up from this doubt is another - are really beautiful?

The truth is, we are made by love - out of love - for love - to love - and to be loved.

But, our woundedness questions how any of this could be real.

It asks, "how could we be worthy of such a love?"
It lies and says, "I am not beautiful. I am not lovable."

  • Yet, true love isn't given because of what we do. We could never earn such a love. It isn't something we purchase with our deeds.
  • It isn't because of knowing the right things. We can't know enough truth to earn such a love.
  • It isn't because we are "good people". That isn't enough.
  • Our true beauty isn't determined by a subjective opinion of culture or individuals.

Rather - we are lovable and beautiful because we are. We exist. We have a purpose. We ARE beautiful, because God created us to be.

God loves you, not because of what you do, what you know, how you act. He loves you despite these things, not because of them.
He loves you. For you. He loves you right where you are and there is NOTHING that could make His love for you stop or lessen.

He also finds you the most beautiful part of all of His creation.
In fact, there is nothing more beautiful than YOU!

God loves you so much He would die for you - and He did.
God loves you so much He built a purpose into your being:

  • To be with God forever is your purpose.
  • To be the best you that you can be is your purpose.
  • To love Him back is your purpose.

This kind of love is doubted because of our human failures in loving one another. When we don't experience a selfless, unending, and unconditional love from other people, we may not ever know what it is like to be loved and may close ourselves off from God's love. Then we doubt our beauty.

This is why the video below breaks my heart - because there is so much raw truth in it. Too many don't know what love is and don't see their own beauty...

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Chris Meyer said...

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end with that commercial for Dove. The same company who owns Dove, Unilever, also owns Axe, the male body wash and deodorant company famous for showing scantily clad girls flocking to men.

If ethics sells, they decide to have them. If lack of ethics sells, then they decide to lose their ethics.