Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good News! Judge Won't Order Abortion!

UPDATE - the Judge who threatened to order an abortion for a mentally disabled woman has backed down!
A Washoe County district judge has decided against forcing a mentally impaired Nevada woman to have an abortion.

KRNV-TV in Reno reports that all parties reached a tentative agreement in court on Wednesday to help the 32-year-old through her high-risk pregnancy.

The case has drawn attention from anti-abortion advocates nationally.

The woman's legal guardian told KRNV that Judge Egan Walker agreed the woman wants to carry the pregnancy to term, and the evidence so far doesn't show it's medically necessary to abort.
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Gert said...

Pro-Lifers: Saving lives one at a time.

Christine Falk Dalessio said...

Thank God that women can have a choice to protect the life they nurture. Even in this difficult situation, the child has every right to live. Hopefully, they will be able to get the mother all the help she needs, and make excellent choices for the child once s/he is born.