Monday, October 1, 2012

10 Things You Only See On College Campuses

10 Things You Only See On College Campuses
(Of course you might see these things in other places, but they are much more rare in the "real world".)
  1. Public Displays of Music - it may not be all that good. There may not be much talent there. Yet, there is always someone willing to share their love for music with you. Of course, 99% of the time it involves a guitar or piano. No oboes for you!
  2. Random Modes of Transportation - every college campus has cars, motorcycles, bikes, and skateboards etc. But, to stand out in the crowd you might have to motorize a cooler, learn to ride a unicycle, or you could just do motorize a unicycle...
  3. Costumes for no apparent reason - which could just make your day. Try having a bad day and then run into Elmo, a guy in a banana suit, or a pirate.
  4. Street-corner preachers - did I mention the mic and loudspeaker? They know they can draw a crowd, young people like to talk about "big questions" and there is always a group to support them. 
  5. Games you won't most other places - hacky sack anyone? Ultimate Frisbee? Parkour? 
  6. Quidditch - I have nothing else to say. Wait, yes I do - Quidditch tournaments are even more unique.
  7. Humans vs Zombies - the makers of Nerf appreciate you.
  8. Survive on fast food for a month - please don't try this at home. Of course, your mom wouldn't let you.
  9. Camping out for tickets - yes I know iPhone fans did this recently, but you see it all the time in college. Athletic events, concert tickets, movies, etc.
  10. Free stuff for credit cards - of course it is a scam, but it must work, because they hand out hundreds of $5 t-shirts a day to get students to sign up for credit cards.
There are tons of others. What did I miss?

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