Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Contraception Is A Long-Term World-Wide Disaster

80% of people live in countries that have a birth rate of about 2 children per woman. What does this mean? It means the future isn't too bright for our world.

The number of children in the world has peaked and, on the current trend, will not get any higher in the future. The world population will no longer grow after it hits 10 billion.

In the video below, the numbers and trends in fertility rates and how it relates to poverty levels and religion, are discussed by Hans Rosling, an advocate of "family planning".

Rosling tells us that access to "family planning" (read it as "contraception and abortion") is still needed in countries that have a high fertility rate. I disagree. The second video I have below explains why.

Here is the reason the common assumptions and conclusions Hans Rosling gives are wrong (from the Population Research Institute).

We are NOT overpopulated. In fact, we might just be contracepting our future away.

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