Friday, April 20, 2012

Purity Ring 3000

This are some very good lessons in this kind of video. I will post them below:

Notice the disclaimer at the end:
Not meant as a replacement to actual self-control, boundaries, and good decision-making. 
Too many young people take a pledge of purity or put on a purity ring (or promise ring) without the proper understanding of chastity. That is why the teenagers who have purity rings or take abstinence pledges are just as likely to engage in sexual activity as those who don't!

Purity is a learned behavior and chastity is a tough virtue for any teen. We need better mentoring, accountability, education, and support.

Now, I am not saying that an external sign of an internal attitude and commitment is always a bad idea. But, the ring itself is rarely going to help anyone. Thus, the purpose of the video.


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Appletree said...

It's important to not discredit the importance of symbols in our faith though. The Church is full of symbols which can help deepen our spiritual lives and help us connect with things we cannot physically see. And in the case of purity rings, if we have the proper formation and education, the rings can act as a visual stimulus that reminds us of what we believe. It can be a weapon against temptation if properly cultivated.