Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Once Again Supports Gay Marriage

In 2009 Ben & Jerry's renamed "Chubby Hubby" as "Hubby Hubby" to mark the legalization of gay marriage in Vermont. Now, they do it for UK's legislation:
This March as the UK government debates whether to legalise same sex marriage, we've partnered with gay rights organisation, Stonewall, to raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality by renaming our Apple Pie flavour, Apple-y Ever After!

If you think that Civil Partnership is the same as marriage, think again! Show your support and help convince members of parliament that it's time to say 'I do' to same sex marriage!

You can help support this campaign by "marrying" someone of the same sex through our Facebook App or by writing to your MP using this template. (Because everyone is equal and deserves to live Apple-y Ever After!)


Phil said...

Thats sad... is Häagen-Dazs still edible for a good catholic? If not, my fiancee and myself have to learn to make ice.

Mr. Aitchison said...

Marcel, I greatly appreciate your posts about issues like this. However, I think it'd also be great if you did two things: 1) Encourage your readers to boycott the company/group mentioned and 2) Explain or link directly to ways that we can take action (number to call, e-mail address to write to, etc.).

It's one thing to raise awareness (which you do such a great job of), but quite another to lead people to do something (which I think could be improved some).

In the end, of course, it's up to us (your readers) to take action. But with your vast readership it seems like it'd only make sense to pave the way a little bit more so that your readers don't balk at finding the necessary info (addresses, etc.) or resort to "I don't have the time to find the info" excuses.

Thanks for hearing me out - and for your outstanding ministry!

Doug said...

"Hubby, Hubby" huh? Something with minimal value that's entirely self-indulgent and is ultimately bad for you.

I think they hit the nail on the head.