Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Arizona State Hosts Theology Classes From A Catholic University in Public + Private Partnership

This is groundbreaking.
TEMPE — Arizona State University, the nation’s largest public higher education center, announced a new collaboration today with University of Mary.

The agreement, effective with the fall 2012 semester, allows ASU students who want to continue their Catholic education or are interested in studying theology to do so without going out of state.

Students will take theological and Catholic courses from the University of Mary. They can take single courses or earn a major or minor in either program.

“We’re happy to be in Arizona — finally,” said Fr. James P. Shea, president of U-Mary since 2009. Between 18,000-22,000 Catholic students attend ASU.

Other satellite campuses include Rome, two other North Dakota locations plus Missouri and Kansas. Fr. Shea said U-Mary is about creating servant leaders of moral courage who contribute to the common good. At ASU, he sees a commitment to excellence, impact and access.

“We at University of Mary resonate with that vision,” Fr. Shea said during a press conference. “You see before you two universities where the student is at the center.”

“ASU students will now have access to some of the best that the Catholic Church has to offer,” Fr. Shea said. The vibrant 34-year-old is the youngest college or university president in the United States.

“A public-private partnership of this kind is unprecedented and fantastic,” he said.
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We have a theology class for-credit in our building, but have to do it independently of A&M. Maybe the future holds a possibility for something like this.

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