Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Moment You Realize "I Am Fail"

Have you ever had that feeling that you just can't do anything right or that your day is completely crudtacular? I mean, I pretty much just had the "I Am Fail" experience when I asked this question because everyone has had this experience. Duh!


It can be accentuated when you fail at a relationship with someone you care about. It usually starts with the "why do I hang around you again" look they give you when you completely messed something up (dirty socks and toilet seats might inflate the problem). It might also send up a red flag when you realize that you were not using your internal voice anymore and the words really did come out of your mouth and you could not catch them first. It might also include forgetting something, lying, digging deeper holes, etc.

Maybe it is one of those times your temper got the best of you and you thought you might teach somebody who is boss and then you learn that either person can be fired from the relationship.

Yeah, those kinds of fail.

You might ask why God allows us these moments of complete Faildomness. Why couldn't He have just made relationships easy? It is because he knows better than you or I that we actually need them.

I know what you are thinking - we need help to be good, not bad. Exactly. Too often we have the mentality that we can succeed in life on our own. But, we can't. So, we fail. This is why God allows us to fall on our faces, so that we remember that God is the anti-Fail.

God is Win. We need win and therefore we need God. So, get more God and get more win. Confession is so much win because it gets rid of all the fail and then implants win right into our souls. Mass is double win because we get the Body and Blood of God.

But, human relationships don't work quite so easily. We have to put a lot more effort into them to get rid of the fail in them. "I am sorry, please forgive me" is a good start. But, only a start. Another reason we need God - so we allow him to help us with others.

Got it?
Now go win.

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