Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent and the Drumbeat of War

When we view a nativity scene, we generally think of a baby born to a virgin in a manger. We think of peaceful animals, humble St. Joseph, and of a bright star. But, something is missing.

It is the drumbeat of war. Can't you hear it? It is the spiritual battle that rages in places we cannot see with our eyes or hear with our ears. It rages in our hearts.

Even in the peaceful image of Jesus being born, we need to see God warning His people to prepare for battle. The victorious king has entered the fray and he calls us to take up our weapons of prayer, righteousness, chastity, faith, hope, love....

General Satan knows he will lose the final battle, yet he fights to ruin as many as he can. He will tempt, deceive, and push you to sin.

Notice how the manger scene cries out WAR IS COMING!
  • The star of Bethlehem is a warning flare that signals the victor is now on the battlefield. 
  • The gifts the babe receives include myrrh for embalming the King after His death. 
  • The angels are singing battle songs of a victorious King - "Glory to God in the highest".
  • The first casualties in the war are the innocent sons of Bethlehem.
Now it is our turn. If we fail to pick a side in the war, it means we have already chosen - "he who is not with me is against me."

The drumbeat of war is pounding. Pick up your cross - it is your weapon against the enemy - and follow The King of All into battle. He is about to be born as a poor babe to a virgin.

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