Friday, December 9, 2011

Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

A question that two young filmmakers at Utah State set out to answer - Can men and women just be friends?

I certainly think the dynamic on college campuses might reflect this kind of attitude. Things are different later on in life.


Miriam said...

So, would a Christian/Catholic worldview offer a different viewpoint?

kalopez said...

As a female college student, I have a healthy mix of boy and girl friends. I understand that it is more challenging to establish a completely platonic relationship with a boy than it is to establish one with a girl. However, it is not impossible. I showed this video to my best guy friend and we both agreed that we'd never had any feelings for each other whatsoever and that the conclusion this video made is in error.

Christine Falk Dalessio said...

The consistent difference between the male and female perspective here is fascinating! Would love to comment, but since I agree with the women, and just can't answer as a man... wow. Gonna have to bring this up with the guys :)