Thursday, September 29, 2011

World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day was held on 9/26 and targets young people with information about contraception (from a pro-contraception perspective). Tell me what you believe these videos are communicating about using contraception. My thoughts after the videos.

So, what do these videos teach young people?

  • sex is all about pleasure.
  • don't change your sexual behavior, rather use contraception.
  • when using contraception, there are no bad consequences to having sex with whomever and however you please.
  • sex is what makes you happy.
  • children are a terrible thing.
  • babies ruin your life.

What am I missing?


Christina said...

Contraception guarantees no babies
Contraception makes you pretty and popular
Contraception has no side effects except making you smile

Mike in CT said...

Babies are such a drag, except of course for the ones that have already grown into adulthood, 'cause we can't, like, ya know, think that we ruined our parents' life.

marychapman said...

Motherhood is a really, really terrible thing.