Friday, September 2, 2011

News You Don't Need To Know - But You Might Want To Know

***Bored UCLA student joins Libyan rebels. At first I thought the idea was hatched as a way to get attention and for poor reasons, but on second-thought it was for really really poor reasons and then for attention.

***Post-it Note wars. "Some people have too much time on their hands", would be a vast understatement.

***1 in 25 business leaders may be a psychopath. Did you know that 80% of statistics are made-up? I hope this is one of them.

***Facebook is not the place to wish someone a genuine happy birthday. This is because one experiment proved that most of them are fake.

***61 Year-old makes college football team as a kicker. I now have a retirement plan that includes the NFL.

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Gert said...

Thank God we have hospitals and good doctors who devote their lives to care for us. Mistakes are going to happen, but innovative practices are bringing them down dramatically.

I wonder how many of the 300 would die if they never went to the hospital??