Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Interview With Fr. David

From the Catholic Spirit.
Father David Konderla is literally right at home in his ministry at Texas A&M University. The pastor of St. Mary Catholic Center, which ministers to Aggie Catholics, was born and raised in Bryan. He attended Mass at Texas A&M before he learned to walk. Though never a student at the school, he spent plenty of time on campus as a young adult. Over the years, Father Konderla watched as St. Mary’s ministries grew; today he leads the center, which is one of the most respected campus ministry programs in the country.

In spite of his Catholic education and upbringing, it was not until age 23 that faith began to steer the course of Father Konderla’s life. “That was when things clicked for me that I really do believe this faith, these things that I’ve learned all my life about Jesus and the church … How I live my life should be different because I believe these things,” Father Konderla said.
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