Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Texas Bishops Ask Catholics To Fight New Government Initiative to Offer Free Contraception

The Texas Bishops have issued an Action Alert for Catholics to contact the government about this initiative to require insurance companies to offer free contraception with such a narrow exception for religious groups that it is, in practice, non-existent. Here is what they call us to do:
Normally, the Texas Catholic Conference asks you to contact your elected representative to oppose proposals like this. This time, in addition to contacting your representative, we are asking that you make your voice heard during the public comment phase of the Department of Health and Human Services' rulemaking process. At this time, it appears that the only area subject to reconsideration is the narrowly defined "religious employer" language. CONTINUE READING.
Bishop Vann has issued a position statement, that you should also read. It is very well done. Here is a snip:
The Catholic Health Association (CHA) has also strongly opposed this HHS mandate because of the inclusion of contraception and the inadequate conscience protections for religious institutions. You may find the statement from CHA on their website at
Secondly, the mandating of contraceptives to be universally made available under the guise of preventative care is seriously flawed and misleading. Contraception is almost always prescribed for personal and lifestyle reasons, and not for any type of preventative medicine. In addition, contraception poses serious health risks to women such as a significantly increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease which are the very health conditions and diseases that HHS is trying to prevent.

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Sarah G. said...

I just found out about this on Monday. One of my coworkers, a fellow student, actually sounded excited about it. I could barely contain my anger and kept my mouth shut, probably the best for the moment. It's a shame that people see no harm in publicly approving the contraceptive mentality or that pregnancy and children are an unwanted burden.

I have already emailed my U.S. congressman about it. He is a co-sponsor of HR 1179 and very pro-life and pro-family. I'm a lucky one.