Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Priest in Mexico Fined For Speaking Against Same Sex Marriage

Coming to a country near you soon.
MEXICO CITY - The spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese in Mexico says an electoral court ruling that he illegally propagandized against a political party that promotes gay marriage is "totally false."

Father Hugo Valdemar says in a statement that he did not consider it propaganda when he told a newspaper in August that no Roman Catholic in good conscience would vote for the party. He says claims that he repeatedly proselytized against Mexico City's ruling Democratic Revolution Party, or PRD, are not true.

Valdemar was responding Sunday to Friday's decision by Mexico's highest electoral court ordering electoral officials to have the Interior Ministry fine Valdemar and the Archdiocese.

Valdemar's lawyer Armando Martinez says he is already in an appeals process.

Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage in March 2010.
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