Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sonogram Bill Makes it To Governor's Desk

This is really good new from Austin.
State Rep. Sid Miller, R-Stephenville, said he and state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, had agreed on “the cutout” exempting victims of rape and incest from undergoing the sonogram procedure and on an exemption requested by state Sen. Carlos Uresti, D-San Antonio, for women living more than 100 miles from the nearest abortion provider. The bill would require them to have the sonogram at least two hours before the abortion instead of 24.

As currently written, HB 15 would require a woman to receive a sonogram and listen to a description of the fetus. The woman could choose to view images and hear the heartbeat of the fetus or she could refuse, although she would be required to hear an explanation from a doctor or medical professional about what the sonogram image showed.

With 75 House co-sponsors, House Bill 15 is virtually assured of passage and will become the first of the governor’s designated emergency items to make it to his desk for signing.

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Christine Falk Dalessio said...

...but still no sign of a bill that would require the Father of the baby to go through such a process, or even show up... It's a start, to be sure, but this seems unequally weighted toward women.