Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Reasons Why Pro-Lifers Will Eventually Win

Reason #1 - We have truth on our side. The pro-abortion crowd continues to come up with different arguments. Depending on who you talk to you might hear that babies are clumps of cells or even humans without rights of more developed persons. They are all over the place, because they don't have the objective truth about the human person and life.

Reason #2 - Death isn't attractive and doesn't sell. Who wants to be on the side of those that advocate for killing?

Reason #3 - Technology. Every time a new technology allows us to see babies more clearly or help them survive, we win. It seems every year the age of viability outside the mother's womb is getting earlier and earlier.

Reason #4 - We are out-babying the other side.
They think babies are a burden.
We see them as gifts from God.
Our numbers go up while their numbers go down.

Reason #5 - Women who have had abortions are speaking up and saying abortion wounds women.

Reason #6 - Women are starting to see through the lies sold to them by the pro-abortion crowd. Words have meaning. When those words carry lies, they cannot bring goodness or peace.

Reason #7 - Of the people who really care, the polls show an ever-growing pro-life sentiment in our culture.

Reason #8 - Former pro-abortion providers and workers, such as my friend, Abby Johnson, are now switching sides and speaking up.

Reason #9 - God is pro-life.
He created us after all. Christ was pro-life. Mary was pro-life. The Saints are pro-life.
So are you (most likely)!

Reason #10 - Positive loving passionate enthusiasm for the cause, as demonstrated below.


Walt said...

Incredibly optimistic in view of the fact that there is no recourse in our current political system to appeal to a higher moral authority than fallen human nature. I'm not sure what you are observing but all I see is a steady slide toward Gomorrah. Please review the recent case in the Diocese of Cincinnati. The people have spoken.

drpruner said...

This "pro-life" business is big with the churches these days, often connected with the US Presidency. But the US President is also chief of the country's armed forces.
Would it be pro-life for the churches to forbid their members from taking up guns - even when commanded to do so by the [secular] Commander-in-Chief?

Marcel said...

There are legitimate parts of our government - protecting against foreign threats through the military - as well as as non-legitimate parts - abortion laws.

Christians must makes proper distinctions.