Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UK Court Considering a Forced Sterilization

The government forcing someone to get sterilized might soon be a reality in the U.K. This is frightening. The exception could soon become the norm if this is allowed. We shouldn't kid ourselves, what happens in Europe today, can happen here tomorrow.

This certainly isn't moral or "medicine".
Here is the story.
The mother of a young woman with learning difficulties who is pregnant with her second child broke down in tears as she pleaded with a high court judge to allow her daughter to be forcibly sterilised for her own protection.

The mother, known as Mrs P, told the judge that while she and her family supported her daughter, 21, and helped bring up her children, they could not make a commitment to any future babies.

Her daughter does not understand that if she falls pregnant again, the child would be taken from her and she would never see him or her again, she said.

In an unprecedented hearing – allowed in open court because of the "legitimate public interest" in the case – Mrs P said: "I tried to explain that any future babies will go to a new mum and dad ... She doesn't understand that she won't ever see them again. She says, 'I'm the mummy'. She doesn't understand they will get a new mum."

Her daughter, known as P after an order banning her identification, is due to deliver her second child by caesarean section on Wednesday. Mrs P had hoped that a judge in the court of protection would have been able to give a rulingon Tuesday that would enable her to be sterilised at the same time as the baby is born.

But Mr Justice Hedley was told that expert evidence was not yet available to allow the court to make a decision, in a case he said raised "extremely serious and important" issues.

The judge said he shared the anxiety of P's mother about further delays "and losing this opportunity". However, he added, the evidence "does not permit the determination" of the issues, "notwithstanding that P is due to be delivered tomorrow".

A preliminary hearing will now be heard in April.
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JoAnna said...

Here's a novel idea: how about you actually parent your daughter so she doesn't have the time or opportunity for ilicit sexual liasons?

And why not prosecute the man who is raping her, as it doesn't seem this lady is able to consent to sex?

Oh wait, that would require effort.

Julie Robison said...

Why is adoption not an option? Especially since she realizes she's the mummy, then the daughter recognizes that she is producing life. Perhaps it would be tough to separate her from her child, but it's better than sterilizing her. How tragic!

Also, charity JoAnna. We don't know the whole back story.

Deltaflute said...

oh, how sad. I feel for the woman who's having to deal with her adult daughter and her grandchildren, but honestly, isn't there some support for the daughter? I mean here in the US there are group settings for people with disabilities to be looked after and in on. And we have CPS which (if they would stop cutting budget to) has parent classes and the ability to support the daughter/mom. Surely the UK has something similar.

Reminds me of the movie I Am Sam. People with disabilities have the right to have children too.