Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nuns and Social Media

An interesting article (which gave me another reason to re-post my "brown tooth" pic):
What Nuns, Yes Nuns, Can Teach You About Social Media:
The Sisters Are Tweeting, and Using Social Media for Social Good

In New York or London, I find, there's a healthy mix of job titles that attend social media functions: communications and marketing professionals, random journos, maybe lawyers, and possibly public sector employees, are usually in the audience. In Rome, you get nuns.
OK, it's not just nuns here. But in a city where religious organizations and charities are such a dominant part of the local workforce you are bound to get men and women of the cloth who happen to code and tweet and do quite a bit of outreach through social networks peppering you with tough questions about proper social media editorial strategy.

I found it a refreshing change to deal with professionals whose mission had less to do with profit and loss, but rather life and death. In the course of the questioning I learned a few things, which I thought I'd jot down here in no particular order. (I am resisting here the urge to add yet another top five/seven/ten list to the world of social media how-to journalism. I think the nuns would want me to avoid the easy cliché.) Here goes:
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