Monday, February 7, 2011

Fr. Longenecker on Demonic Possession

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has a very good article on possession:
She was sixteen years old. She knocked on my door early on a Saturday morning, disheveled and frightened. “There is something around me. It’s like a shadow or something and it talks to me. It’s weird and I’m scared!” I asked a few questions and found she had been hanging around with the members of a witch’s coven in the town. I picked up the phone to call a more experienced priest and she started screaming, “It’s inside me. It’s inside me!” At that point her appearance changed. The pretty teenaged girl looked like a malevolent and sick old woman. She started growling in a foreign language neither of us could understand. The other symptoms of demonic infestation soon manifested themselves, and fortunately the older, experienced priest arrived within minutes and conducted an exorcism then and there. He went through the ritual and when the holy water hit her she shrieked and returned to normal.

I witnessed this exorcism and never wish to even come close to such a thing again. Ever.

It led me to read more on the subject of the deliverance ministry, and what I learned about the realm of the diabolical is that it is impossible to specify much of anything about the realm of the diabolical. What I mean is that it is impossible to accurately classify and explain and analyze what is going on when dealing with demonic possession. There is so much that is unknown--so much that is complex and ambiguous.
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