Monday, February 28, 2011

Contrast and Compare

Contrast and compare these videos, then vote on which one is the best in telling the story. I have my own opinion, but want to hear what you think.
They are all about the same issue - federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Watch and then take the poll below.

Ad #1

Ad #2

Ad #3


Erica said...

Sadly, I'd have to say PP wins this time.

If only everyone could hear the irony: "I wouldn't be here without Planned Parenthood." 50 million people are not here BECAUSE OF Planned Parenthood...

Daniel said...

Unfortunately, I'd have to agree with Erica. The best story is the one about the woman with cervical cancer. The most jarring ad was the one with the bunny. The third one was interesting as a text ad, but if I had not been previously informed, I might have missed the point.
Maybe if they tried something a little more graphic, they might be able to show how terrible abortion really is.