Thursday, January 13, 2011

News and Notes

***If you want to nominate our blog or my book for best of 2010, then you can do so here. We won't complain if you do.

***More details on Abby Johnson's conversion from pro-abortion to pro-life and then to Catholic. Pray for her.

***Another scandal at Notre Dame.

***Joe Carter explains why it makes no sense that atheists are mad at God.

***I have three national radio interviews coming up soon:
Friday (1/14), 6 and 9am - Morning Air with Sean Herriott on Relevant Radio
Wed (1/19), 7:40 am - Sonrise Morning Show on EWTN
Fri (1/21), 1 pm - On Call with Wendy Wiese on Relevant Radio

***After the Pope made some very direct comments about Christians who are persecuted in Muslim countries, the government of Egypt recalled their ambassador to the Vatican to disagree with his statements. We will keep our eye on this.

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