Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Give Life To Another

To be able to give life to another person is a great gift.

We are all called to help others attain eternal life.
Many are called to give life to their children.
Only a select few are called to be living organ donors:
We need your help. Juliana Casey, a 19-year old girl from Round Rock, Texas, needs a kidney—and she needs it within 2 months. Juliana was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis 10 years ago. For the last 5 years, she was on daily dialysis until she received a kidney from a close family friend in April of this year (on Good Friday). Juliana was recently told by her doctors that the anti-rejection drug used after her transplant, not her disease, is the cause of her needing another kidney this time. (This is a rare occurrence and happens in only about 2% of transplant patients.) The doctors will apply a different anti-rejection protocol for the next transplant. For more on Juliana's journey, please visit her website at We will be posting updates as news or important information is received.

Please pray for Juliana. Please help us spread the word. We are looking for a suitable donor. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in being a donor, below is the contact information:

Donor Hotline - 210-575-4483
Methodist Specialty and Transplant Clinic
(ask for Maura and tell her you are calling for Mary Juliana Casey)


Paul said...

Please visit to learn more about Juliana's story.
My daughter, Leslie, donated her kidney to Juliana on Good Friday.Leslie was so happy to give to Juliana so that she could live. She wishes she had another kidney to give her. Leslie completely recovered in just a few weeks. She will be glad to visit with anyone who might be feeling called by the Holy Spirit to give the gift of life to Juliana. Thank you for your prayers! Peace and Blessings,
Paul Kroschewsky

Paul said...

sorry, The correct web address is:

Julie said...

Praying for a donor for Julia. My husband is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. I know what a gift a kidney can be. This must be devastating to get on and then have the medication kill it. I saw this blog tweeted by Taylor's and am praying that someone steps up.