Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did The Pope Say That Condoms Are Acceptable Recently?

The quick answer is "no". But, the AP and other media outlets are reporting that he did.
Of course the media does not understand nuance, theology, or the Church.

This is an opportunity to teach, we should use it.

Here are some good articles about what is really going on:


Brian, aka Aluwir, aka Norski said...

Thanks for the reality check. This rumor is getting 'better' by the hour, it seems.

Also - I appreciate the link list in your post.

Now, shameless self-promotion: my take on this silliness: "Condoms, a Book Review, the Pope, and Getting a Grip," in A Catholic Citizen in America. I've added a link to this post, BTW.

My hope is that the more tech-savvy Catholics, at least, check out the somewhat anticlimactic reality behind today's rumor.

Jae said...

Dear Catholic Folks,

Get the REAL STORY and not the spin from the media, here are some good catholic links:

The Holy Pope could just have CITED those acts of the male prostitutes in using condoms, but he actually does NOT approve or adhere to that. He just CITED the thinking and intentions of those male prostitutes, but the Pope does NOT actually laud and praise those acts by the prostitutes because in the first place their sinful acts are abominable in the eyes of God.