Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday News and Such

**Hey stay-at-home moms! Don't be so selfish - think of all the women you are hurting by staying at home. This is the crux of an article by Gloria Feldt, former Planned Parenthood director.

**Pray for Christians in the Middle East, esp. in countries where they are persecuted. Recently, several Catholics were arrested for going to a private Mass in Saudi Arabia.

**The Vatican decided to listen to journalists (rather than just talking to them) at a conference on Catholic journalism and media. I am glad to hear it, because the Vatican is woefully behind the times in learning how to communicate the message of the Gospel to the people in our modern world. The message should remain the same, but the way we communicate needs to be constantly updated.

**Wouldn't every good mother smother a child, if they were suffering? One woman says so.

**A pro-life billboard in Michigan is turning heads:

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