Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A few random thoughts and stories:

**Simply put - a new embryonic stem cell line is immoral. Killing others in order to attempt to have treatments that might help is just plain wrong. Even if the chance was 100% that treatments would come from this research, it is still wrong to kill innocents that good may come from it.

**If you didn't hear, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to the developer of In-Vitro Fertilization. This is scandalous. Millions of humans have been killed and thrown away because of IVF. They are considered "left over" embryos that are no longer needed. What a culture we live in - we honor the man who developed a system that creates life in a Petri dish (outside of the dignity of the marital act) and then throw away the babies that are not used and abort any extras. This is medicine? This should be honored? God save us!

**A priest was fired for looking at porn. But, he may be trying to honor the seal of the confessional. There are two sides to this story, but one is not being told because a young penitent says he is the one who looked at porn on the computer, then confessed to the priest and the priest is unable to talk about it because of the sacred seal he cannot violate. We may never know the full truth, but if this is the story - the priest is a hero.

**A group of cheerleaders in Conn. want more modest uniforms. Good for them.

Something fun to lighten the mood:

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John said...

If you hear anything else on the story from Pittsburgh regarding the abbey, please pass it along. What a sad, sad predicament.