Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aggie Catholic Who Figured Out How To Save Chilean Miners To Be Ordained A Catholic Deacon In February


Below he talks about how he got involved and how his faith is involved and how prayer was what brought it together - with this quote:
Hall isn't only a businessman. He's a long-time member of Houston's Christ the Redeemer Church. He will be ordained as a Catholic deacon in February. It's something he has studied to become for the last six years. He says his faith was only strengthened in Chile when his years of experience only took him so far as he worked on that rescue shaft to reach the miners.

"There was a few times I was technically stuck. There was one time I specifically remember I didn't know what else to do. So I actually started praying and the prayer worked. A good friend of mine, he came up to me. He goes there's no way you could have drilled that hole. You know it's impossible. He goes God drilled that hole.

This was one of the most technically difficult jobs that anybody has ever heard of. It would be considered to be impossible to do. People come up to me in church and say where are the miracles now. We don't see the miracles. I've always told them miracles happen everyday, you just don't see it. This is a time when we see it. This is a miracle."

Gig 'em Aggie Catholics!!!

Once he is ordained we will have 133 Aggies who are priests, deacons, and religious, with more later in 2011.

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