Monday, September 27, 2010

If You Want Jesus - You Must Have the Catholic Church As Well.

A few quotes from Archbishop Dolan at the Los Angeles Catholic Prayer Breakfast.
Great stuff.

"Our number one pastoral problem today is that too many people don't see the intrinsic connection between Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church....We are living in an era where people believe in Christ, but not in his Church. They want the king, but not the kingdom; they want to believe without belonging; they want the faith, but not the faithful. But for the committed Catholic, the answer to that is, 'no can do.' Jesus and the Church are one."
Watch the entire presentation here:

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Jackie said...

Hi Marcel. Thank you for sharing this . I really enjoy attending the Catholic Charismatic Prayer Breakfasts but I don't live in LA and it makes it nice to be able to listen to some of these powerful speeches, like Fr. Dolans, that are meant to evangelize and equip the faithful.