Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Atheist to Catholic and Other News

**Jen Fulwiler, who blogs at the popular Conversion Diary and lives here in the Austin Diocese, has audio of her conversion story now up. It is a good story and she even throws out a "Gig 'em" and a whoop, because she is an Aggie, who spent her first few years of school here at A&M.

**George Weigel's new book, which completes the story of John Paul II's life, has been released. The first volume is very long and wonderful. I look forward to reading it.

**The Church is exploding in parts of Asia.

**The myths about abuse in the Church continue to be spread.

**Please pray for the Pope as he prepares for his visit to the U.K.

**Two Facebook stories:
  1. Facebook thieves continue to rob by using status updates.
  2. "Facebook is used mostly by narcissists and those with low self-esteem, says a Canadian study."
**Sept 25th is museum day throughout the US. You can get into thousands of museums for free. Find them here.

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