Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catholic News and Such

**Msgr. Pope on why burning the Quran is a bad idea and a sin.
Do the folks who want to burn it have the right to do it? Yes. Should they? No. On the flip-side, when have you seen so much controversy about Bible burnings and desecrations of the Eucharist from the media? I never have.

**Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, is going to debate Dr. Stephen Hawking on "Larry King Live". Glad to hear it. If you haven't heard, Hawking makes the claim in a new book that matter could come from nothing, because of gravity. But, unfortunately - gravity is something...

**40 Days for Life is going to London. Remember, it started here at St. Mary's. Whoop!

**Christopher West ends his sabbatical and will respond to his critics soon.

**Some advice for new college students:

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