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The Anti-Child Movement

Certain segments of our culture believe the answer to many of our modern problems has a simple solution - get rid of the children. Some come from the radical environmental movement. Some are just looking out for #1. Regardless, the position is now being pushed as the best moral choice for the sake of the planet.

Here are some of the reasons given as to the reasons why not having kids is morally superior to having them:

1 - Because humans are destroying the planet.
Their solution - get rid of humans...
"More people, more money, more consumption, but the same planet," Clay told AFP, urging scientists and governments to start making changes now to how food is produced.

Population experts, meanwhile, called for more funding for family planning programs to help control the growth in the number of humans, especially in developing nations.

"For 20 years, there's been very little investment in family planning, but there's a return of interest now, partly because of the environmental factors like global warming and food prices," said Bongaarts.

"We want to minimize population growth, and the only viable way to do that is through more effective family planning," said Casterline.
2 - Because children make parents unhappy.
Their solution to being happy, have fewer kids or no kids...
The idea that parents are less happy than nonparents has become so commonplace in academia that it was big news last year when the Journal of Happiness Studies published a Scottish paper declaring the opposite was true. “Contrary to much of the literature,” said the introduction, “our results are consistent with an effect of children on life satisfaction that is positive, large and increasing in the number of children.” Alas, the euphoria was short-lived. A few months later, the poor author discovered a coding error in his data, and the publication ran an erratum. “After correcting the problem,”it read,“the main results of the paper no longer hold. The effect of children on the life satisfaction of married individuals is small, often negative, and never statistically significant.”
3 - Because you can have more "adult toys".
Children aren't nearly as good as things, so don't have kids and get toys...
"When you don't have to spend for baby furniture and private schooling, you have more disposable income for adult toys," Folkes noted.
4 - Travel, "adult conversations", career, education, "stretches of quiet", etc.
Because that is what makes life fulfilling - more things for me - not children - and all without guilt...
Time and emotional energy to invest in friendships and a romantic partnership. Space to focus on a career or education or avocation. Uninterrupted "grown-up" conversations. Travel that's truly impulsive or leisurely or adventurous (and never involves zoos). Unpremeditated Saturday nights on the town and Sunday brunches out. Opportunities for political or community engagement. Stretches of quiet for reading or writing or relaxing. A non-child-proofed, non-toy-strewn, non-goldfish-cracker-crumb-riddled home. Eight peaceful, uninterrupted hours of sleep a night. All without any guilt that one should be spending more quality time with the kid.
Is it immoral to have kids? Some say it is.

Then there are those that have created a language that despises parenthood and children. Here are some of the terms (these are some of the nicer ones, I really don't recommend you read the others):
Breeder -- Refers to a crappy parent. We’d rather not lump all parents together and make even the good ones look bad. So when we encounter a crappy parent, we call them a “breeder”
Bovine -- Another term for breeders. I personally use it to describe slack-jawed, slow-moving breeders – they move about the same speed as cattle.
Dud -- Loser male breeder.
Duh -- Slack-jawed, clueless male breeder.
Mombie -- Combination of the words Mommy and Zombie. Occasionally used to describe a woman with placenta brain -- she's turned into a "mombie".
Furthermore, there are some who actively seek to have world powers and national governments enact laws and policies that will use contraception, abortion, and other ways of reducing pregnancy. Some of the groups doing this include:
**Population Connection
**The United Nations
**World Health Organization
**Planned Parenthood

What I believe has happened is that our culture has put a premium on pleasure at all costs. This has come from the "contraceptive mentality" that has divorced the act of sex from fertility. Thus, sex is all about pleasure. This creates a me-first attitude in other areas of life as well. In other words, we don't think of others before ourselves. Therefore, why would we want children?

This is what happens when their is no higher purpose; when atheistic humanism and secularism drive the meaning of life, there ultimately is no purpose.

The world needs families, children, and traditional morality not contraception, abortion, and the extinction of humanity. But, we also need generosity, charity, and a just way of distributing the necessities of life.

Look at the evidence:
China's one-child policy has been disastrous and even China's government is waking up to the facts.
Li Weixiong, vice-chairman of the population, resources and environment committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), elaborated the awful outcome of sex disproportion in a keynote speech at a full meeting of the CPPCC annual session.

Li said the normal newborn sex proportion is 100:104-107, and if China's disproportionate figure is allowed to continue unchecked, there would be 30 to 40 million marriage-age men who would be single all their lives by 2020.

"Such serious gender disproportion poses a major threat to the healthy, harmonious and sustainable growth of the nation's population and would trigger such crimes and social problems as mercenary marriage, abduction of women and prostitution," Li said.
We haven't even mentioned forced sterilizations, forced abortions, and eugenics.

Somewhat less problematic is Western Europe's low birth rate, but it is still a huge problem:
The number of elderly already exceeds the number of young people in many countries, and the European Union's executive arm, alarmed by the trend, estimates that the bloc will have a shortfall of 20 million workers by 2030 if the low birthrates persist.

Immigration from non-European countries, already highly contentious across the EU, would not be sufficient to fill the gap even if Europe's relatively homogenous countries were willing to embrace millions of foreign newcomers, experts say.
Some European countries will be half the size they are today in 50 years and some countries will have a Muslim majority in that time if trends continue. Yet, they won't give up their contraception and abortion...children are the problem - right?

We have bought the lie that we are over-populated and that our existence is the problem in our world. The Population Research Institute fights these myths with facts. Here is just one of their videos:

Don't buy into the lies. The world was created for humans, not humans for the world.
Live and love pro-life.

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