Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget.

I have jury duty today and wanted to post more on 9/11, but don't have time. I am reminded today of why we have to participate in our civic duties, vote, and be inconvenienced once in a while - it is because this country's freedoms need virtuous and involved citizens to continue to fight for justice and the values our founding fathers built this country on.

Never forget.
Pray for our leaders and our culture.
Pray also in thanks for the freedoms and blessings we have.
Continue to fight for justice.

Prayer to commemorate 9/11/01
God of life, love and peace,
On this day when we commemorate acts of violence and face the dark temptation of revenge,
we ask for your light to dispel our darkness.

By your light help us to see your love for us as the measure we use to love our brothers and sisters.

Help us to see your forgiveness and mercy for our sins as the measure of our forgiveness and mercy for those who offend us.

Help us to see the peace of heaven as the guiding star and model of the peace we strive to build on earth.

As we all around the world strive to protect ourselves from the acts of violent men, help us to avoid becoming violent ourselves.

Watch over our brothers and sisters who protect us in the armed forces, fire, police and emergency services and bless and console their families who sacrifice much for their service.
Grant eternal light and peace to the innocent who died in the attacks of September 11 and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving and protecting their brothers and sisters.
These things we pray through Christ, our Lord and brother.


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