Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Planned Parenthood Hates Ultrasounds

There is a simple reason why Planned Parenthood hates the push to have pregnant women view ultrasounds before an abortion is found here.
Evidence suggests that up to 90 percent of women considering abortion choose to have their baby after seeing an ultrasound image. Instead of the old 95 percent failure rate, there is now a 90 percent success rate. Women hear their baby’s heartbeat, they see their baby move and suck a thumb. Mother and unborn child bond in a way never before possible.

Largely because of ultrasound, I think, America has turned to a majority pro-life nation. Who can be for abortion when every family has an ultrasound image stuck to the refrigerator door, placed amid vacation photos and report cards? We have a comfortable, face-to-face relationship with prenatal life these days, and millions of families make the connection between the baby in the womb – often shown in 3D color – and little Johnny or Jane making a ruckus in the high chair.
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