Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who Wants a $5,000 Scholarship To Texas A&M or Blinn College?

If you do, then check this out:
St. Mary's Catholic Center
603 Church Avenue
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 846-5717 Fax: (979) 846-4493

St. Mary's Catholic Center, provider of Catholic campus ministry to Texas A&M University and Blinn College, is offering a $5,000 scholarship for the 2011 spring school semester. The comprehensive campus ministry program at St. Mary’s has received national recognition, and Texas A&M has expressed its appreciation for the value of our work. The young adults involved at St. Mary’s are an asset to Texas A&M and add much to campus and community life.

Currently, Texas A&M University is experiencing record enrollment and is processing a record number of applications for incoming freshmen and transfer students. There are an estimated 13,000 Catholic students on campus, up an estimated 2,000 from five years ago. More and more students are requesting and requiring the services of our campus ministry staff. St. Mary’s must grow to continue to meet the needs of the students who come to us. Only a quarter of our annual budget comes from the weekly pew collections. Since we are not a standard parish with members who have jobs and incomes, we depend on the generous support from former students, parents of current students, foundations and friends.

St. Mary's Catholic Center is asking parents to partner in ministry by registering as a parent of a current student and become a supporter of the Living Faith Society at a minimum of $25/month, or an annual gift at a minimum of $250. Current students are asked to register as a member of St. Mary’s while they are here in Aggieland and support the church as a monthly Living Faith Member at a minimum of $10/month. The Living Faith Society is composed benefactors who support St. Mary's Catholic Center monthly and electronically – either directly from a checking account or credit card. Applicants and/or parents must support St. Mary's Catholic Center electronically through the Living Faith Society to receive eligibility to the raffle. The drawing will occur at St. Mary's on December 1, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. (central time).

Prize: Tuition/fees up to $5,000 for the spring 2011 semester at Texas A&M University or Blinn College for any current student

Who May Apply:
  1. Any Texas A&M University or Blinn College student who is a registered parishioner/member of St. Mary’s Catholic Center and a member of the Living Faith Society of at least $10/month by December 1, 2010.
  2. Any parent/guardian of a current Texas A&M University or Blinn College student who registers with St. Mary's Catholic Center as a parent and either make a gift of $250 by December 1, 2010, OR is in/joins the Living Faith Society at minimum $25/month by December 1, 2010.
** If both student and parent support St. Mary's Catholic Center and meet the aforementioned
giving requirements, the student will receive two entries into the drawing.

How to Apply:
  1. Join the Living Faith Society online and comment that you wish to enter the “Spring 2011 Tuition Scholarship.”
  2. Contact Debra Richmond or Angie Cooper at St. Mary's Catholic Center at or (979) 846-5717 to sign up via telephone.
  3. If you are already a current member of the Living Faith Society, contact Debra Richmond or Angie Cooper at or (979) 846-5717.
Don't wait to get your name in the hat!

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