Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things To Know About...

Here is a short list of a few items you might like to know about:

**For the local readers (and others interested) - Texas A&M is about to have another round of lay-offs. Please pray for those who will be out of a job, their families, and all looking for employment.

**The secular world does not understand that children are a blessing. Think of contraception, abortion, and the selfishness that pervades our society. Now you might understand the problems with this Time article about why having one kid is better for parents.

**There is an eclectic group of writers who have been asked to envision the future of the Catholic Church. The end product is quite an array of different ideas.

**I will be on The Sonrise Morning Show (EWTN Radio) on Wednesday and on Morning Air (Relevant Radio) on Thursday Morning - 8:00am CST.
I should be live on Thursday, but probably taped on Wed.

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djalk said...

You should let your local readers know that they can hear you on Morning Air locally on 88.5FM