Monday, July 12, 2010

News To Know...

**The Church of England rejected a compromise on women bishops, which led to 70 CoE clerics meeting with a Catholic bishop about possibly entering the Church. Pray for this situation and those seeking unity with The Catholic Church.

**Fr. Longenecker offers his words of advice to the CoE clergy thinking of becoming Catholic, as he did years ago.

**On a related note, it isn't just Anglicans/Episcopalians who are entering the Catholic Church, but many others - including Lutherans. Some married Lutheran clergy have also gotten an exemption to the celibacy requirement and become Catholic priests.

**There has been some drama at The University of Illinois involving the Newman Center there. Please keep them in your prayers.

**Patrick Madrid offers his list of Catholic movies available on Netflix.

**The abortion lobby wants to keep crisis pregnancy centers from legally advertising "help" for pregnant women.

**China's one-child policy is leading to a "demographic disaster".

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