Monday, February 14, 2011

Top 15 Ways To Mess Up a Marriage

I decided that I would do another "How To Mess Up" list and offer:

Top 15 Ways To Mess Up A Marriage
  1. Have Premarital Sex - This can be with your future spouse or not. Regardless, the statistics show that it means a much higher chance of a failed marriage.
  2. Cohabitate - This doubles your chance of divorcing your spouse well over 60%! Go with this one if you almost certainly want to mess up a marriage.
  3. Cheat on your spouse - This can be with a real person or with porn. Either messes up a marriage.
  4. Drink too much or use drugs - This one is a great way to love a thing more than your spouse.
  5. Marry a non-Christian - Now, there are certainly marriages that succeed between believers and non-believers, but at the least you are putting a big strain on a relationship.
  6. Marry for the wrong reasons - Marrying someone because you have strong emotions about them (which will eventually go away) or because they are good looking (which won't last) is a great way to eventually ruin a marriage.
  7. Never Work on Communication - talking is over-rated. You should just learn to tolerate one another, not really communicate.
  8. Be a Workaholic - being rich and successful is the most important thing on earth. Right?
  9. Be selfish - expect your spouse to serve your every need and never expect to return the favor.
  10. Have Different expectations about money or debt - Spend too much, live beyond your means, and then pay the price. Money is the #1 reason that couples argue.
  11. Don't tithe - The money is your own, do what you want with it.
  12. Use contraception - kids are a burden that make life miserable. Why take the risk? Of course couples that use NFP are happier, have better sex-lives, and stay married more than 95% of the time.
  13. Talk negatively about your spouse - who needs to be built up anyway?
  14. Make big purchases without talking about it first - want that new car? Go get it!
  15. Spend more time with your friends than your spouse - they are probably more fun anyway.
This list is not exhaustive. You could be inventive and come up with another way to mess up a marriage. If you have one, let me know. We did this previously and got some additional ideas I posted here.

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