Monday, June 14, 2010


About a month ago I caught the last few minutes of American Idol. The last girl to sing was amazing (she made it to the final two as a matter of fact). I heard her early in the season and she was even better than I remembered. I got so excited listening to her. First I began to squirm in my seat a bit. I had to sit forward. I simply could not be still. I exclaimed out loud a couple times how great she was. (My dog came out from the other room and gave me a funny look.) Eventually I was on my feet. I couldn't contain myself. She was just that good.

That was me last summer during So You Think You Can Dance. Somehow TV watching became an interactive sport for me. I’d stand in front of my TV (it is rather small so you have to get close to see the figures dance around the stage), jump up and down, and scream with delight. Sometimes I’d involuntarily give them the cheesy one solid clap. (You know the kind you’d expect an un-hip grandparent to give and then shout “hot dog!” or some other corny expression in conjunction with said clap. Which in my defense, I don’t say.) Occasionally I'd try a few of the moves in my den. (More confused looks from my dog.) I could not contain myself. They were just that good. They were born to dance and it shows.

And then one night in prayer it hit me. God has made us all that good at something. Each of us is uniquely crafted (knitted together in our mother’s womb!) to excel at something – something that will make others squirm, stand up, shout, clap, jump, and rejoice. Sure, all our gifts aren’t quite rockstar, TV show glamorous. But we have them nonetheless.

So take a minute (or a lifetime if needed) and contemplate – what has God created you to do?

  • Perhaps you are a gifted story teller. You can craft and share and entice and teach.
  • Perhaps you are a gifted scientist. You can determine, discover, create, and enlighten.
  • Perhaps you are a gifted friend. You can listen, comfort, accompany, and delight in others.
  • Perhaps you are a gifted laugh-er. You can bring joy to the dimmest of situations and your laughter spreads like wildfire to all in earshot.
  • Perhaps you are a gifted server. You can give without counting the cost and meet needs without tooting a horn.
  • Perhaps you are a gifted teacher. You naturally use every moment to open eyes, touch hearts, and rouse interest.
  • Perhaps you are a gifted thinker. You can reflect, sift, glean, and grow in any situation.
  • Perhaps you are a gifted . . .

Scratch the “perhaps”. You are gifted. God has gifted you for something. And given the generosity of our God, probably for more than one thing!

Take time to discover you gifts and use them. Let them shine. There might not be a TV series in the making to pick the next best you, but when you use your gifts it will bring great delight to someone. They won't be able to contain themselves. They might even stand up and shout.

You were born to do something passionately and exceptionally. Find it. Do it. God made you just that good! You are gifted.

And when you experience someone else's gifts, give them a little clap and maybe even a heart felt "hot dog!"


Marcel said...

Sarah - keep posting! Good stuff.

Jamie said...

LOVE This!!