Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 Interesting Items

1 - Did you know that there is a plenary indulgence for the closing day of the Year for Priests? Fr. Z has the details. Thanks to Keith for pointing me to this.

If you want to know more about indulgences, see here.

2 - Sherry Weddell of the Siena Institute asks if we should us the term "Discovering" Catholics in place of "Returning" Catholics. I like it. Here is a snip:
Returning to a bone deep religious identity is a very different journey that discovering something new or cobbling something together yourself. Which is why the "they'll come back when . . . "scenario isn't accurate anymore.

Cause most young adults who were raised Catholic don't experience choosing to practice the faith as "coming back" to something inherited from their parents at all. They experience it as a pioneer or convert does, discovering a new and amazing land for the first time.

We'd be smarter to call these younger seekers "discovering" Catholics rather than "returning" Catholics. Because it is a difference that makes all the difference in how they approach the faith and what they ask of us. Continue reading.

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