Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Young Catholics Leave the Church

Great article by Kathryn Jean Lopez.
A snip:
Matthew stopped attending Mass after high school -- when his mother stopped making him go -- and would later meet and marry the daughter of a Baptist preacher. Going to her father's church, he says, "I wasn't looking for God, but He was looking for me. After about six to nine months of going to her dad's church, hearing the Word of God, He saved me, and I trusted Jesus as my Savior. I had heard things that I'd never heard before."

Matthew, clearly, never had the chance to learn what the Catholic Church really teaches. He says, "I didn't know Jesus when I was Catholic.... The Catholics do not know the God of the Bible.... They worship and practice things that are unbiblical, trusting in their religion to save them, instead of God."

Though he was raised Catholic, his understanding of Catholicism comes remarkably close to the caricature of Jack Chick comics. His story suggests that this is largely the fault of the Catholics he encountered as he was growing up. Sometimes such a tragic misunderstanding is caused by what Boston College's Rev. Matthew Lamb has referred to as "theological malpractice." And sometimes, as in Matthew's case, it's caused by scandal. No Catholic ever introduced him to the true teachings of the Faith; no one addressed his doubts or dispelled his misconceptions.
Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

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