Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swagger Wagon

Yes, we have a Sienna.
Yes, we roll like that.
This is absolutely hilarious. College students - give yourself 10 years and then you will be rolling like this too.


Devin Rose said...

I lost the debate with my wife and we bought an SUV instead of a Swagger Wagon (I was pulling for the Odyssey). I wish we had a swagger wagon now. :)

The good news is, you can cram 4 car seats into a Honda Pilot, too.

Gert said...

My wife and I started with a Pinto, seats four, and explodes on impact. When we moved up to a Celebrity, seats six, we had two children, and then we had two more. So we moved to a mini-van because the Celebrity was crowded with six. The van seated seven. Next thing you know, my wife was pregnant again. Guess God gives you the number of children you car will carry? :-)

Johanna said...