Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Reading

Here is some Monday reading for you:

**Wow. A street-corner preacher is arrested for saying that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. While the Catholic Church differentiates between same-sex acts and same-sex desires, he should still have the right to profess his beliefs, no matter how offensive they are to others.

**In another attack on religious freedom in the UK, a Christian counselor was told by the courts that he cannot refuse to do relationship counseling for same-sex couples.

**Watch out for stolen and fake Facebook accounts. They might be part of scams.

**Three Anglican bishops had a meeting with Vatican officials in Rome. Some believe it might be a precursor to a large number entering the Catholic Church. We will see.

**Kathryn Jean Lopez has a great article on religious sisters. Don't miss it.

**Sandro Magister has some thoughts on how to remake the Legion from scratch.


Gisell said...

If we offend one another we are offending God, because we were created upon his image, even if it is not in accordance to our beliefs. We are all sinners and God loves us all. Should we as catholics support someone to profess their beliefs if it hurts the most rejected individuals in this world? The one that God is searching to touch their hearts?

Marcel said...

I completely disagree. If this is the case, then Christ is a sinner - because he offended others with the truth many times.