Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aggie Catholics Featured in National Catholic Register

I interviewed for this article months ago and just ran across it yesterday. It is a nice article.
Down south at Texas A&M University, the opportunities are plentiful for the more than 12,000 Catholics students to get involved in their faith. According to Marcel LeJeune, assistant director of campus ministry at St. Mary’s Catholic Center, there are about 80 different Catholic student organizations.

One of those organizations is Aggie Cat: Aggie Catholic Apologetic Team. LeJeune estimates that 30 students are regulars at this apostolate. Under the guidance of a peer leadership team, the students pick an apologetics topic such as grace, salvation or authority; they research it, then give a talk about it to the group at large. A discussion follows.

“The students learn a lot,” notes LeJeune. “It helps them to grow in their knowledge and being comfortable to talk about their faith.”

Another popular program under way at the university’s Catholic Center is “Ask a Catholic a Question.” Trained students wear bright shirts emblazoned with the phrases “Ask a Catholic a question” on the back and “Ask me a question” on the front. They stand in high-traffic areas on campus to wait for questions.

Howard Sonnier, a senior bioenvironmental science major, wasn’t afraid to show his faith as a campus bus driver a few years ago. He donned his brightly colored shirt and found the daily commute to be a great venue for apologetics.

“Every semester I would have a few people who would actually wait for my bus on their route in order to continue the conversation that we had previously begun,” notes Sonnier.

LeJeune says that the majority of questions are from fundamentalist or evangelical students.

“There has been a lot of fruit from this,” LeJeune says. “We don’t try to get into arguments. I teach the students to have respect for the person asking the questions. They are there to offer themselves as an embrace of God.” Continue reading.
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