Friday, May 21, 2010

Abortion Myths

Zenit has an interview on Persistent Myths About Abortion with Doctor Rosario Laris, a surgeon and teacher of public health and bioethics:
A snip:
ZENIT: They say that many women die in Mexico due to the clandestine nature of abortion.

Laris: It is thought that in Mexico there is a very high number of women who die because of abortion.

The reality is different. Data of the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics or of the Health Secretariat says that, in the whole country, the cases of death resulting from problems related to abortion are very low.

The mortality of pregnant women is due primarily to problems of hypertension, not of illegal abortions.

ZENIT: And what is your opinion about the theory that legalization decreases the cases of abortion?

Laris: That by legalizing it, it is not promoted? That is a lie.

We see the cases of the United Kingdom and Spain. In Spain, abortion was legalized 20 years ago and it has increased by 200%; today one out of six pregnancies in Spain ends in abortion.

Another case to highlight is Poland. For decades abortion was permitted there and the number was very high. When it was outlawed, [the number of abortions] decreased to at least one out of 100 of the total number of pregnancies.

That's why we must be clear: to legalize abortion is to promote it. Continue Reading.

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