Thursday, April 8, 2010

Graduating Soon? Check This Out

Students For Life of America has a great idea - a Pro-Life Graduation Sticker.
Want to remember the unborn on graduation day and take a stand for Life?
Order the SFLA Pro-Life Graduation Sticker and simply apply it to the top of your graduation cap!
Taking a stand has never been so easy!
$2.00 Each
More from Joshua Mercer:
To counter pro-abortion speakers presenting at commencement ceremonies across the nation, Students for Life of America is offering a respectful way for graduating pro-life students to stand for life with the first-ever Pro-Life Grad Cap Stickers.

The stickers simply read “Pro-Life” and are meant to go on the top of the graduation cap. There is a hole cut through the center of the sticker to allow the tassel on the cap to pop through, and they even have a clear background to look great on any color cap!

“These stickers offer a way for graduates to respectfully show their pro-life values during their graduation”, says Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America, “It’s a means to grab the attention of the university, fellow graduates, parents, and media; especially at ceremonies featuring a pro-abortion speaker.”
*In some sad news, the Southern Catholic College has closed up mid-semester. Pray for the students, faculty, and staff there. It can't be easy to have your school shut down in the middle of a semester.

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