Tuesday, March 16, 2010

News To Know

**The US Bishops continue to oppose the current health care reform proposals. Cardinal George, the head of the USCCB released a statement saying "the cost is too high; the loss is too great." I recommend a close reading, but here is a snip of the final paragraph:
Two basic principles, therefore, continue to shape the concerns of the Catholic bishops: health care means taking care of the health needs of all, across the human life span; and the expansion of health care should not involve the expansion of abortion funding and of polices forcing everyone to pay for abortions. Because these principles have not been respected, despite the good that the bill under consideration intends or might achieve, the Catholic bishops regretfully hold that it must be opposed unless and until these serious moral problems are addressed.
Furthermore, three bishops, including Cardinal DiNardo published an opinion piece in the Washington Post about health care. It has the basics of what most US Bishops want.

**Planned Parenthood is desperate. They are now trying to raise money based on how many people protest outside of their clinics. If you are one who does, don't let such tactics scare you away - but rather may it strengthen our resolve.

**The Legion of Christ investigation is either over or nearly over. This means some news is coming soon, which may include a drastic reform of the order.

**Finally, a prayer request. Our 14 year-old dog, Maggie, crawled under the fence yesterday and was attacked by the neighbor’s pit bull mix. Maggie was wounded very badly and the Vets don’t think she will recover, so she will be euthanized today. As you would expect, this is very hard for us, especially for my wife and the kids. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

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