Monday, March 15, 2010

The Human Experience

A very nice film, The Human Experience, will be released in theaters soon, according to one source. I was lucky to see this film in 2008 and was moved by it. I wrote a review after viewing the film and here is a snip of the review:
The makers of this film have done us all a favor. They have made a pro-life film, without ever talking about abortion, euthanasia or other pro-life issues. It is pro-life because it is pro-human. They have made a pro-Christ film without explicitly talking about Him. This is the kind of movie that can move anyone who sees it. (Read the full review - note- spoilers in the review.)
Here is the trailer:

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Maggie said...

Praise the Lord! Human Experience is indeed fantastic. I hope it's successful and then they finally start selling DVD's (I've been hoping for DVD to show to my students for like 2 years. This is great!)