Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theology of the Body Congress

There is a new Theology of the Body effort underway - The National Theology of the Body Congress, which will bring together an amazing group of people passionate about the Theology of the Body (TOB).  The speakers they have lined up are top-notch and you can also nominate someone to receive an award for living out or helping spread the Theology of the Body.

TOB changed my life and transformed my marriage.  I cannot emphasize how great it is to see such initiatives. This is why I speak and write about the topic regularly (did I mention I have a book coming out this summer on TOB?).

Here is bit more info on the Congress:
alt=The National Theology of the Body Congress will be the most expansive gathering of experts and popularists in the history of this extraordinary teaching. Held in the Philadelphia area from July 28-30, 2010 and hosted by The Theology of the Body Institute, the world’s leading experts and members of the Church hierarchy will gather to teach and network with educators, activists and devotees to apply this teaching to many facets of the Catholic Faith and everyday life.

As the world slips further into moral relativism and deeper into apathy towards issues of faith and the moral life, the Theology of the Body is creating an international groundswell of interest with both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Many contend that God gave the Theology of the Body to humanity for times such as these. Yet this body of work offers more than just a new way to approach morality; it offers us a new lens to look at life itself. Continue Reading.
I think I might have to go to this...

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